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Image by Mary Eineman
Image by Joyful

What does it involve?

You will be participating in a type of research called a randomised controlled trial. This is used when we do not yet know which treatment is best.


Half the people taking part will receive avatar therapy, and half will receive standard therapy.


The type of therapy each person receives will be determined by chance (random). 

The therapy you receive will be with an experienced psychologist. You will receive seven 50 minute therapy sessions. 


Everyone will complete assessments before and after therapy. These will be done with a researcher who does not know which therapy you have received. Then we will compare the results.


This research design is used to make sure researchers interpret results in a fair and appropriate way and avoids researchers jumping to conclusions. 

Does it cost anything to participate?

It is free to participate in the trial. You will be reimbursed $50 for each research assessment as an acknowledgement of your time and contribution to the research. Therapy sessions are not associated with a reimbursement, but are provided at no cost.

Where is the trial recruiting?

The trial is recruiting Australia-wide, as all the research assessments and the therapy sessions will be conducted via videoconferencing.

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